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The current choice of hotels and holiday properties is overwhelmingly large. As a result, it takes hours to find the perfect holiday property. From our own experience, it became even harder to easily find the right sophisticated places once we had kids. Our selection of stylish family retreats solves this problem! The TRVLBEES properties have all been visited by a member of our international community of like-minded parents. Who can review a property better than a peer!

To qualify for the collection, a hotel, B&B, eco-retreat, boutique resort, stunning apartment or villa rental has to offer the following:

  • Must have at least two of the four S’s: Great Style, Services, Sustainability and/or Situation
  • Luxury translates into detail and authenticity
  • Personal Service is the standard
  • Created with love and dedication 
  • A place where the magical moments are created
  • With our collection of stylish family retreats, we save parents hours of searching and provide them with reviews from peers.
  • We don’t believe in charging high commission or entry fees to our (often small-scale) property owners and therefore have a transparent subscription model.
  • Because we find properties with eco-friendly qualities and inspiring activities important we like to emphasize such attributes in our reviews and through our filters.

From our own experience, we know that parents have different requirements for a holiday property than people without children. Moreover, we strongly believe that being a parent does not mean you have to give up on staying at comfortable sophisticated places.

No, all properties must have been visited and reviewed by one of our members. Although the properties pay a yearly subscription fee, a property can’t pay their way into becoming a TRVLBEES property.

This is explained here

Let us know which TRVLBEES member invited you or request an invitation from the founders, fill in your profile details and share a property tip. Once your membership is approved you can get started on finding that special place for your next holiday.

The best tips come from people who know you best, such as friends and family. We believe that by letting the community grow organically through referrals by friend and family, we will create a community of like-minded people and within which people feel safe to share their best tips.

  • Finding gems with detail. You get access to a curated collection of family retreats and boutique properties for every kind of occasion, whether it is a trip with your friends, family or just a romantic weekend for two. For every experience you are looking for, city trips, back to nature, a culinary weekend or road trip.
  • Receive tips from like-minded parents: Our members are located all over the world, so the chances that one of our members will be able to tell you about that wonderful restaurant, that one beautiful beach or great museum you have to visit are enormous.
  • Get inspiration: via blogs by well-known travel influencers and the TRVLBEES newsletter with quarterly new holiday property releases.
  • Contribute to transparency: best guaranteed price through direct booking with the properties without them having to pay an enormous booking commission. And also transparency through the review by a peer: what you read, is what you get. 

We have the following price categories: € (up to 200), €€ (200-350), €€€ (350-500) and €€€€ (500+). We determine the price category for a specific hotel, by calculating the costs per night for a family with 2 kids in high season. In case of a villa or apartment that is only bookable per week, we divide the weekly price by 7.

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