We've found 3 properties that match farmhouse
São Teotónio |  Portugal

Craveiral Farmhouse

A tranquil getaway located on a luscious stretch of land between Portugal’s charming countryside and exciting Alentejo coast.
2-6 persons | From € 160
Outdoors, Beach, Green mindset, Nature, Recharging your batteries, Foodies, Unwind
Algarve |  Portugal

Farmhouse of the Palms

An elegant kid-friendly B&B and villa rental with a continuous eye on quality and style.
2-14 persons | From € 250
Relaxing, Great for 2 families
Algarve  |  Portugal

Vila Monte Farmhouse

Elegant family boutique hotel. Dotted around lush gardens, pools, a restaurant, tennis court and plenty to do for young and old.
2-5 persons | From € 350
Relaxing, Design Lovers