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As Travelbees we believe that travelling is all about creating magical moments. It’s about spending quality time together, an opportunity to broaden your kids’ horizons, get closer to nature and enjoy other cultures.

Just because you have children doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the most beautiful and memorable holiday destinations out there. However, from experience we know that finding places that are great for you and your kids can be a challenge (to put it mildly).

With our collection of stylish family retreats, we save parents hours of searching and provide them with tips from likeminded parents. Who can review a property better than a peer!

Because we find properties with eco-friendly qualities and inspiring experiences important we like to emphasize such attributes. If you look at our collection, more than 50% have a green or social mindset.

Furthermore, we don’t believe in charging high commission or entry fees to our (often small-scale) property owners and therefore have a transparent subscription model.

Together, we can make sure that planning your next holiday is just as enjoyable as the trip itself!  Are you a travelbee? Join now

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TRVLBEES properties

TRVLBEES properties

From boutique hotel to sophisticated family resort, B&B eco retreats and private holiday homes, all our  properties have been visited by one of the travelbees. You will get first-hand reports from the people who know how to travel in style with kids. We make sure that each of our properties ticks at least three of the following boxes:
  • Sustainability: whether it be in the organic food, use of eco-friendly building standards or their involvement in social causes
  • Style: luxury is in the details, those small gestures that make you feel at home
  • Service: personal service is the standard
  • Situation: a location you want to be right now. Whether it is centrally located or just on a beautiful hill off the road

The first TRVLBEES members

Debby van Viersen

Debby is one of the founding travelbees and a marketing and communications expert by trade and worked most of her career at KPMG until she decided to use her love for travel. Her passion for the travel business started early, by spending a gap year working in a hotel in the US and traveling around the world to many countries. Debby and her partner Floris have three kids, Alexander (2008), Valerie (2010) and Nicolas (2015). They live in a village between Amsterdam and the Dutch coastline so that they can enjoy both of these worlds. Debby loves her family & friends, traveling (of course), good food & wine and attending art and furniture auctions to find the most fun stuff. During her holidays she likes to explore more than one destination at a time and prefers to stay in a mix of property types both basic and luxury, differing in size and amenities. But for all places the same applies: stylish properties created with dedication - showing care for the environment and a warm hospitality towards their guests.

Emma Nederlof-Runia

Emma is also one of the founding travelbees and lawyer by profession. After years of advising clients about their business, she decided she wanted to start one herself. Before co-founding the company with Debby, she first gained some extra business knowledge by obtaining a joint executive MBA from IE Business School and Brown University. Having grown up in the Netherlands, the US and Australia, traveling is in her blood and she loves discovering the world with her husband Daan and their two children Olivier (2009) and Sophia (2012). They live in Amsterdam, but also have a holiday house on the Dutch coast where they spend most of their weekends. Emma is passionate about cooking, design, gardening and the enviroment. Favorite travel destinations: Australia, Italy, Iran, New Zealand and the Dutch coast.

Loren Braunohler

Contributing Editor
Loren is a contributing travelbee and a former U.S.-diplomat turned travel writer and mom to three tireless, hilarious little people. After nearly a decade in the U.S. State Department, Loren resigned in 2011 and began sharing her passion for family travel to wonderful, kid-friendly destinations by writing for Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia, New York Times, CNN Travel, and other online and written publications. In 2017, she started her own luxury family travel blog, Rise and Exploreto inspire others to travel the world with their familiesLoren's husband, Walter, is a U.S. Foreign Service officer and they are fortunate enough to move to a new country every 2-3 years with their three children Logan (2010), Kate (2012), and Ivy (2014). There is nothing they love more than experiencing new places and spending time with family and friends. Travel allows them to do both. Some of their favorite family travel destinations are Argentina, Thailand, Spain (Mallorca), Ireland, and Australia.

Eva Nollen

Contributing Editor
Eva is is a contributing travelbee and an art historian with an expertise in Asian arts. This artistic passion led her to follow her other passion; travel. She followed her husband all over the world for his work, from Sri Lanka, to Thailand to South Africa. Eva and her husband Bart have three kids, Olivia (11), Faye (9) and Adrian (7) who were all born in Bangkok, Thailand. They have recently relocated from Cape Town to Amsterdam, where they are giving their kids the opportunity to find their roots and to give them a feeling of what it means to be Dutch. Eva and her family have travelled extensively, and are always looking for new adventures. Their most recent travels have been to the west coast of the USA, where they explored for 6 weeks without planning anything ahead, this brought them to discover the most amazing gems. Her favourite destinations are Thailand, Hawaii (USA), South Africa and the Maldives.

Felicia da Costa

Contributing Editor
Felicia studied lnternational and European Law and worked in recruitment before becoming a travel writer and one of the contributing travelbees. After the umpteenth request for travel tips, she decided to write them all down as to inspire people to keep traveling once they have children. Having strong roots in the Caribbean, Felicia visits that region at least once a year- her happy place! However, she and her family travel to other destinations as much as possible as they love to explore new areas and cultures. Together with her husband Corné and children Alba (5) and George (3) Felicia just returned from traveling the world for six months and is now adapting to normal life in Amsterdam and planning new travels. Felicia is passionate about writing, interior (design), family life and, needless to say, traveling. Favorite destinations? Hard question. But Curaçao, Santiago de Chile and Sydney are currently winning!

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